1. What is Banglaflix Win a Change to Fly Eid streaming campaign?

Ans: It is a campaign where users need to use the service for a defined benchmark minute to win exciting gratification. Each minute usage of the service will be counted as MOU.

2. What is the gratification for the campaign?

Ans: The 1st Mega winner will get couple air ticket for Dhaka-Kualalumpur-Dhaka, the 2nd Mega winner will get couple air ticket for Dhaka-Cox's Bazar-Dhaka. & Each week 1 winner will get a Xiaomi Redmi 5A Smartphone.

3. How many winners will be there?

 Ans:Mega: 2-Couple and Weekly: 1 winner each week & total 4 weekly winners throughout the campaign.

4. What is the benchmark target to win gratification?

 Ans: 12,000 minutes usage/MOU required to win mega gratification & weekly winners need 3000 minutes usage.

 5. Is there any limitation of usage?

 Ans: Yes. Usage limit is 600 minutes for a single day.  

 6. Can a single winner win multiple gratifications?

 Ans: No. All mega winners will be unique in terms of MSISDN, NID & Passport. All weekly winners will be unique in terms of MSISDN & NID.

 7. What will happen if a customer unsubscribes the service during winner announcement?

 Ans: User's winning status will be void.

 8. How will winner placement be defined?

 Ans: Winners will be defined based on the first reach/achieve (Benchmark) first get (Prize) basis.

 9. Can WAP & WEB user win gratification?

 Ans: YES. The campaign is open for all type of users.

 10. When do I get to know if I am a winner or not?

 Ans: Winners will be informed directly through a phone call/SMS through EBS within 30 days after the end of the campaign.

 11. How can I know my score?

 Ans: User can type "USAGEFLIX" & send to 9494 to know their usage.

 12. Is all the content streaming will be considered as usage?

 Ans: Except Audio content and Live TV, all other content streaming will be considered as usage.

 13. Can a winner exchange or transfer their gratification?

 Ans: No. Winners cannot exchange or transfer their gratification.

 14. Is it necessary for a mega winner to have a passport?

  Ans: Yes. Mega winners will require to have their valid passport.

 15. Is it necessary for a mega winner to have same NID & passport?

  Ans: YES. It is mandatory.

  16. Will Mega winner get a total tour package or only air ticket?

  Ans: Winner will get only air ticket. Other expenditures need to arrange by winner only. 

  17. More query/Don't understand something?

  Ans: Call 8801914457857 within 11.00am to 4.00pm (Except Friday & Govt. Holidays).